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Seo Content Writing

Search Matrix-SEO Content writing services is offered to increase the search engine visibility of your website and blogs across major search engines. At Search Matrix, we understand that the best way to write content for SEO is to understand the sublime balance between writing for users and bots. Search engines have become intelligent over the years and although mere keyword stuffing is things of the past, we still see a lot of traditional websites but the industry is evolving fast. Ranking for keyword phrases is not just about the pages with most links or complete content but it is about satisfying the popular user intent.

seo content writing

Choice of keywords should not just be based on average monthly searches or level of competition but should also consider regional variations into account. For example a keyword may be highly trending in a specific geographic region and hence it makes sense to create content for en-cashing upon the regional traffic. At Search Matrix, we provide SEO writing services not just to our clients but also to agencies who often require content writing for seo.

Content Writing

The digital content writing space is getting increasingly busy with too much content being produced every day. Every written word clamours for attention that is continuously divided. It is thus imperative for content writer to ensure that well articulated, easy to read, interesting and engaging content is being produced that can not only catch the readers’attention, but can also encourage them to want to read, share and keep coming back in the future to view other new contents being offered. At Search Matrix, article writers write content based on well researched facts, presented through certain analysis and help readers in perceiving and forming certain opinions on the subject. These can be focused on specific subjects, expertise, products and services and so on. Contents writers work on pertinent subjects can be a powerful tool for businesses and organisations to promote and highlight the differentiated offerings or uniqueness of their products. At Search Matrix we write content for blogs, articles, website content, press release & case studies.

blog writing

Be it investors, customers, influencers or opinion makers, companies and businesses are facing the growing need to produce and share relevant information with different stakeholders on a regular basis. Amongst other content, blog writing forms an integral part of the online communication for most companies and businesses. However many a times they lack the relevance, insight and seem out-dated and monotonous. Characteristically, blog writing is the most apt pieces of writing that can speak out in a personal tone. For companies and businesses trying to reach out to their customers and make a genuine connection, blog writing can be the best medium to convey the brand and its values in the company’s personal tone of voice. It is equally important to maintain a regular and steady flow of blogs that are contemporary, fresh, relevant and interesting.

Visual Content

Picture speaks a thousand words. We have heard that before. With the explosion of online media and consumers connected via multiple social channels time is short and for marketers and communicators the visual medium ensures that you succeed in passing on your message to your consumers within the shortest possible time. At Search Matrix, we assist your business to create display visual contents in multiple sizes to be utilized across multiple social channels not limiting to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc. To know more or to discuss your visual communication requirements speak to us

visual communication